My GATE Journey……:)

GATEHi Folks, its journey of education of my life :)…..Its journey of truly dedicated hard work and self devotion…. After completing 12th, I got admission in VNIT – CSE as per my interest 🙂 . My aim was to take higher education after BTech….I decided to do MTech from IITB rather than MS..

From 1st year, I was sure about writing GATE in 2015. GATE, the one of the most competitive exams .The Exam which opens the door for IIT’s…..

Here what my actual journey starts. I learned programming in 1st year. In few days after started learning I was passionate about coding and logic. It was base of my knowledge in Computer Science. I did subjects like C, Data Structure in 1st and 2nd year with special interests. Other subjects like CN,OS,DBMS etc which were in GATE got covered in 3rd and final year (7th sem)…. When 3rd year was about to end, I started preparing for GATE seriously 🙂 (too much late). The most important thing I want to say here (thing responsible my success) is I concentrated on brushing up the concepts which I missed in my college life rather than just mugging up theory and problems. That helped a lot. I joined one postal course from Gate-Academy and ordered their materials. It contained topics from standard books in short.  The test series like GATE-FORUM and MADE-EASY proliferated in problem solving. To be frank, I solved almost regularly 1 tests in last 45 days before GATE. I used to solve only 1 test and after that I spent full day in analyzing that. Analysis of tests means going through concepts which we miss during tests. Because concepts are basics of problem solving.

Apart from these activities, the book “The Secret”, I will give my most of success credit to it. It’s the one of the most awesome and inspiring book I came across. I will say thanks to Rhonda Byrne for writing it :). I am gratefully thankful to GATE-CSE group in facebook too. Many of my concepts got cleared there while discussing in forums.

We shouldn’t be frustrated while preparing for such competitive exams..:) I regularly walked in evening VNIT campus (specially in areas where there is forest) to remove pressure on mind, comes in  daily routing. After all these efforts I was sure that I will do something in exams and even in future life.

On the day of GATE, 8th march, I gave exam just like normal test series (hahahahaha)……I didn’t think it was GATE, How would I perform, I just performed. The result date was 12th march. For curiosity I opened their site one day before result day at night and I didn’t know my result was already there to wait for me :O…….My eyes turned to 12 number and on left of its written was, AIR in this paper…..SO FREAKINGGGGGG……..I rushed happily to dad and told him first…..OHH GOD how result can be such great..:) I didn’t believe on 1st site, I opened it again and checked then I believed.  AIR-12 finally..:)

I gave tips to further aspirants in cse group as follows –

” To all, who were asking suggestions and asking how I prepared for GATE , let me give here only which may be helpful for next 2016 batch….

1. First of all make up your mind that you are studying to contribute something for world……..that gives peace to your mind…smile emoticon

2. Refer standard text books for concept building, u can refer materials but they have limited information scope 3. solve practice problems after understanding CONCEPTS as much as u can but analyze them too after solving otherwise its worth nothing.

4. You can ask difficulties here in group but first try to solve them giving your best……that will improve logic…Don’t feel shy to ask anything you are not getting on your own.

5.Study online thats good….but not all day, give some time to study offline too… We will be able to study better if we keep ourselves away from electronic gadgets..

any missing point I will add later…..if u find any point not convincing, please correct it….Thank you to all and ALL THE BEST…smile emoticon “

I honestly dedicate this my success to my lovely parents who had always faith in me, to my friends who were always with me all the time :), to Gate-Academy ( for postal course ) Gateforum , Made-Easy (for test-series) and GATE-CSE group admins Arjun Suresh and Kathleen Bankson who gave their most of efforts to provide free education in India 🙂 Thank you all folks :)……..Now I have got admission in IITB to pursue MTech. My plans after that to get PHD from one of best University 🙂


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